Individual & Group Mentoring

Personal mentoring programs to increase awareness, awaken your creative & authentic self.

How can you apply Transformational Coaching and my teachings to what’s happening in your life?

You’ve read popular spiritual growth books like The Four Agreements, The New Earth and The Artists Way. Perhaps you’ve seen movies such as The Secret, AWAKEN, and I Am, and maybe even attended seminars and workshops. But you find that though you have grown and made good progress, there are still some obstacles to your real happiness ultimate creative potential. You hold on to the idea that you can create more inner fulfillment no matter what your external circumstances might be. Now what?Rita Rivera Fox

The uncertainty that seem to come with these transformational times can spark a deeper quest for life purpose and new effective skills for manifestation. Instability in your career, your finances or living situation often sparks the quest for transformation perhaps a relationship fails – or you experience a decline in health. Maybe there’s conflict with family members or co-workers The call to transform is marked by outer disturbance and inner turmoil and is believe it or not, opportunity calling.
Or perhaps you’ve been on a journey of spiritual self-discovery for some time and are ready to manifest and attract a life that’s deeply fulfilling and connected and abundance
Whether you are ready for long-lasting transformation – or new creation – your heart creates disturbances in order to make room for a more authentic life. All the answers you are searching for can be found within you.

My work is to hold a space of possibility and potential for you until you have the energy to dissolve the old patterns and recreate from your integrity. Your integrity is the place within you, already existing that brings forth your truer, more integrated self. You’ll receive effective tools and techniques that are tailored to your individual situation so you can integrate spiritual wisdom into your daily experiences. I offer guidance and support to navigate the path of self-discovery and transformation

Using a practical, step-by-step technique called The Choice Process I will guide you to