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Awake Dreaming

We are dreaming, you and me and everyone else. We have collectively dreamed up this world and don’t realize our power, one individual at a time, to change it. The change I’m speaking of is the power of being awake and being at choice. In other words, with all this intensity in and around us, […]


Embodying the Practical Mystic

By Ellen Luksch & Rita Rivera Fox     Do you believe that mystical experiences exist on a level outside of your everyday concerns OR that they are readily available to each one of us? Have you had experiences that transported you to a different level of awareness – but they seemed fleeting and rare? […]


Feeling Insecure?

Are you feeling insecure? I have a remedy – get connected, allow me to explain: While sitting with one of my clients the other day, she was sharing how she was becoming aware of how her insecurities were hurting her relationship.  I reminded her that insecurity is created by a story in her mind, a […]


Transforming Fear

  Fear is natural.  Sometimes life with all its un-known’s, just scares us. Fear itself, or the sensation we feel when we are thinking fearful thoughts is usually uncomfortable and that’s why we don’t like feeling it. But often the fearful emotion is either trying to let us know that it is time to change […]


On The Eve of 2012

“Fuse the powers of the sacred heart with the energies of the body, and you can transform everything.”  Teilhard de Chardin. Your Soul’s Intention These are some exciting times for those of us who are committed to creating a new dream for our lives. What is showing up now in each of our lives indicates […]