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Awake Dreaming

We are dreaming, you and me and everyone else. We have collectively dreamed up this world and don’t realize our power, one individual at a time, to change it. The change I’m speaking of is the power of being awake and being at choice. In other words, with all this intensity in and around us, […]


3 Mindful Choices for Staying Above the Fray

Our lives are so full, we are crazy busy. Overwhelm has become an accepted way of life. Most of us are juggling some combination of career, family, health, or money issues. These personal challenges are taking place in the context of our planet and the humans on it facing more challenges than ever before and […]


Stop Breaking Your Own Heart

Did you know that we break our own hearts more often than others do? Like me, you probably have painful memories of when your heart was broken in the past and you immediately think of the person that broke it. That pain is unforgettable and stems primarily from experiencing rejection, from another not returning your […]


2014 – A New Beginning

Welcome to another new and exciting beginning as we step into 2014. As I contemplate the possibilities, it seems a perfect time to re-ignite our powerful tools of creation and manifestation once again…thoughts, desires and actions, with even more awareness and intent. Here are a few of the “hits” I’ve been getting about the opportunities […]


Transforming Fear

  Fear is natural.  Sometimes life with all its un-known’s, just scares us. Fear itself, or the sensation we feel when we are thinking fearful thoughts is usually uncomfortable and that’s why we don’t like feeling it. But often the fearful emotion is either trying to let us know that it is time to change […]