The Leap of Faith


Ed and I have just completed a lightening quick and intense house move. We saw the opportunity and we leapt much to our surprise. After some crazy, super human feats of moving matter, I now find myself in a new home,  a more spacious and uplifting space where light and energy support all we are creating. Grateful we are despite the “risk of change” involved in leaping through a doorway.

What doorways are opening for you to leap through with courage and conviction these days?

A leap of faith is nothing more than the gift of grace, disguised as something unknown and scary. You observe that there is an invitation to grow, change, release, detach from and to say “yes”, feels risky.

But once you jump, you’ll realize it was the most efficient delivery system for life to bring you that which you’ve been asking for in order to deepen the experience of your mastery. Got it?

Leaps of Faith are fabulous ways to grow because they are opportunities for greater trust in the truly benevolent universe we live in.

When you leap, you have the potential to throw off previous agreements that no longer reflect the person you are now, so you can reveal who you really are…a fully realized being of faith.

Deepening your insight into your dreaming mind, aligned with your soul’s purpose is what a leap into the unknown serves. The unknown holds everything and risks must be taken to reap the harvest of what Spirit has in mind for us.

You see, we must grow from the center of our being in order to realize the power of our divine mind that dreams and creates directly from our connection to Source. We are meant to shine brightly in all we say, do, and create.

I am predicting many more opportunities  to initiate huge, exhilarating “Leaps of Faith” for us all. And the energy has arrived…or has it always been here (?)… to help us make it so, today!

So, on the other side of my leap, all is well.