The Inner Connection Map

The Inner Connection Map

We all know that a map is a useful device that takes you from point A to point B and beyond.

Now imagine you had access to a map, that you couldn’t loose or misplace that could be your constant, your North Star….your guide to get where you really want to be in terms of your inner life matching your external life.

IF woman3rdeyepoint A is breaking your own heart, carry heavy energy in your body, finding doors closed to you rather than opened, powerless, suffering, not trusting life.

THEN point B is a state of, self acceptance, free of judgment, a light heart, clarity free to make conscious choice, experiencing your own enough-ness.

THE INNER CONNECTION MAP is a simple, highly effective way to tap into and harness the wisdom and power that is sourced from the TRUE you, the AUTHENTIC you.

This can be described simply as your Heart Intelligence. Once this essential connection is made, it will serve you beyond belief to establish loving, authentic connection with yourself, others and Life itself.

THE INNER CONNECTION MAP is a journey of self-discovery that awakens you to live more authentically from your heart thus creating more high quality, life -force energy to use in the direction of what your heart desires to create, to experience and to contribute.

Patterns of thought belief and difficult emotions dissolve to reveal the radiance of your true nature that you can move into the world with clear and intent filled action.

To discover that the most important ingredient to creating a life of purpose and ease is to be connected to your unique and authentic source of wisdom and guidance.

Why do you want to be connected to our authenticity?

So you can……

Stop breaking your own hearts. You break your hearts with  erroneous beliefs,  stories of “not enough”, and unhealthy habits,

Feel real happiness within

Bring a high quality of energy to tap into in all that you create and manifest

Better all your relationships

Reduce suffering and feelings of aloneness and isolation

Embrace new awareness of the power of thought & emotions

Tap into your unique expression and ignite the creativity to bring dreams into reality

What blocks your inner connection?

Why is it especially important for women to reconnect with their truest nature?

It is how the feminine transformational energy is made tangible, through the shift of leading from the heart rather than the conditioned mind.

We lead the masculine in making the paradigm shift. How we do that for the men in our lives is by embodying balance, authenticity and heart intelligence for ourselves first.

How will I benefit from applying it?

You will trust feeling as the true barometer that guides to make choices that uplift you while juicing up your creative energy to transform your life from the inside out.

Life circumstances are simply the raw material for choosing your soul’s wisdom and your creative purpose over your ego’s needs. We gain in spiritual maturity and fulfillment when we meet challenging life circumstances be being committed to what our heart’s desire.

When you trust feeling as a direct channel to your integrity, your truth will come out of hiding so you are able to speak, act and live from it.

You will learn to move and clear energy that obstructs your creativity & your ability to create a life of purpose & fulfillment, where you have the tools to make your vision a reality.