Authentic Relationships

Mind Blowing – Heart Opening Relationships

“Relationships are at the heart of what brings happiness into our lives. To create relationships that endure, that open doorways into our hearts that we may have  never known possible, all we have to do is stop allowing the beliefs in our minds to run our relationships. We are ready to let the heart lead the way!”

4-heartsMind blowing relationships are possible when you surrender to the place in your heart that knows how to love with no conditions and you listen to it, every minute, every day. In other words, your conditioned mind will no longer run the show with its fearful thinking, which actually closes the heart. Trusting your heart more will bring forward the wisdom and intelligence that lives within it.  When you are courageous enough to trust your heart wisdom to lead in the choices you make, all that silly fearful, control stuff get’s blown away.

Did you know that the heart has intelligence of its own? For sure it does and when you know how to quiet your mind, that innate knowing can come on-line, loud and clear and guide you in creating fulfilling, happy relationships. The heart in its clarity and strength can blow your mind and happens when the critical mind is suspended and you live and act from the power and connectedness of your heart.

“When you blow past the old, limiting stories in your mind about yourself and your loved ones, and access your heart, you will experience the power of living in Love, at all times, for no reason at all. Why, it could blow you away!”

4 Reasons Why Your Relationships Matter More Than You May Think

~  Relationships are the best way for us to grow into the person we are meant to be.

Sometimes you forget that you can’t see yourself. Even when you look into a mirror, it is not exactly the real image of you, only a reflection. Soyour relationships work like a mirror, they give you an opportunity to really discover who you are, by the reflection you are given. Sometimes the reflection is flattering and sometimes you see things about yourself that you’d rather not. It is in the seeing of what you don’t like that real soul growth can begin. What is revealed in the mirror of your beloveds can show you the difference between responding with heart open or heart closed….or what is it that allows your love to flourish and what it is that closes your heart and interrupts the growth of love?

Now isn’t that valuable information? Because what you open your heart to thrives and increases and what you close your heart to has the habit of coming back to get your attention and that usually brings some kind of unwanted emotional pain along with it (ouch!) but how else is it going to get your attention!? We call the painful part an emotional reaction and this is how we discover where our potential lives or what needs our attention.


          ~ You are the source of love and happiness in your life, not him, not her, not them…. you just get to share it, which creates more of it for all.


You are in charge of our own happiness. Being happy is an inside job and once you unlearn and let go of what obscures your own joy, you have the “numero uno” piece for fulfilling and enduring relationships.

Others can come and go from your lives and they will. The constant, the one that will always be there is you. When you have the connection firmly established to your own happiness, you are more attractive, you shine, you are less needy. When you have that, you are easily on your way to understanding what good and balanced relationships are built on. True love starts within and then just flows out of you touching those you share your life with.


~  No one else can give you the love you crave, that’s the gift you give yourself.


That aching hole you often feel in your center is meant to get your attention so you can learn to fill it with your self-acceptance and self love.

If you try to fill it with externals such as food, shopping, another person, it will still feel empty, incomplete. When you judge yourself, this hole just aches more. Looking for someone to fill it may feel good for a while but you always have to come back around to filling it yourself. That hole has a purpose…it just lets you know that its time to stop, turn inward and start loving yourself. Actually, you were born with the knowledge of how to love yourself; you just have to unlearn all the crazy stories and beliefs you use to obscure what is natural to you.


 ~  What you think and feel is what you send out into the world as your energetic contribution…. and no can deny that real heart connection, caring and compassion are what the world needs more of.


I sincerely believe that our true purpose here on this wonder filled planet is to learn to love, really love… earth shattering, mind blowing love!

In relationships we are given the opportunity to learn to love…. the most priceless thing in the entire universe. And not just love of another but on a larger scale, love of Life itself. It is opening to love… trusting love as the substance that nurtures our lives and the receiving of it and the giving of it, that we truly grow into the person we are meant to be.

We are here to grow our capacity to love, and our relationships; even the difficult ones open that doorway. Challenges in relationship are where the gold nuggets are discovered. To grow past an obstacle, harnesses some of our deepest desires and pain and yet through the alchemy of the process, we find out things about ourselves that expand our minds and the dream we have of ourselves. Go ahead, it takes courage to be in relationship, it is not for the faint of heart, but you will learn things about yourself that will truly blow your mind!