Energy Healing

We are all energy

Energy Healing

We are all energy, even though it is sometimes difficult to wrap our heads around what that actually means. As science has shown, everything is energy.
Some energy we can see, hear or feel: the power of gusting wind and driving rain, the sound of birds taking flight, the heat of our body. When we think of our emotions and feelings as energies, it is easier for us to understand and transform them.

Though our bodies appear solid, our molecules are actually in perpetual motion. At a molecular level, we are nothing more than vibrating energy. We intimately experience one form of kinetic energy all the time, every day and that is emotion, E-motion is energy in motion. When we experience happiness, gratitude, joy, anger, frustration or sadness, we feel the energy of emotions in our bodies as sensation.

Coherent Energy

The most coherent or clear energy we can experience is love. The expansive and light feelings that come from love create energy within us that is broadcast out into the world around us. Not only are we giving off this clear energy, but that energy is returned to us per the universal Law of Attraction. Ever notice how when you are feeling fullness in your heart, the world around you responds? This energy is what enriches our lives.
So what happens when we experience other qualities of emotional energy that are difficult and feel heavy in our bodies?
It is very simple. We all want to be happy, because when we are happy we experience comfortable sensations in our bodies. When we are happy, our hearts are open to allow high quality energy to flow through us. When we feel the emotions that come from fear — like depression, anger, anxiety and sadness — our energy is held tightly in our bodies and our hearts feel closed and heavy. Flow is impeded, and things start to stagnate in our lives. When we align with our heart energy and intelligence and make choices to support it, our lives become more vibrant and full.

What is emotional energy?

Our emotional energy is part of this invisible world of energy exchange that is occurring at all times ,and we interact and connect with it through what we think and how we feel.

Emotional energy is flowing through us in every moment. Sometimes the energy is heavy and uncomfortable; sometimes the energy is light, expansive and comfortable.
Imagine for a moment the emotional energy you might feel when you see a beloved friend or family member, quite by surprise, walking down the street toward you. The quality of that energy uplifts our hearts and brings a sensation of lightness to our bodies. Conversely, imagine a time when you have been greatly disappointed. A relationship ends or someone betrays your trust. The emotional energy created in these situations feels heavy within our bodies. We feel weighted down as though we are carrying a burden.

These two scenarios illustrate two qualities of emotional energy that we have all felt. The main difference is that we enjoy and are open to warm loved-based emotions, and our energy is constricted when we experience fear-based emotions. Emotional energy shows up in our bodies as sensation, and it is through our willingness to be with or meet the sensations in our bodies that we can begin to heal old, difficult emotions and create lives of fulfillment.

What do the sensations in my body have to do with it?

It is simple: we don’t want to feel painful emotions, so we close down and tighten our bodies so we can avoid the pain, or more simply, the sensation. This reaction actually makes it worse. Tightness and constriction exacerbate emotional discomfort. When we experience fearful emotions, we deny ourselves permission to allow our emotion to pass through us freely. We might feel its inappropriate, or a sign of weakness to allow ourselves to feel emotion so we hold in these emotions, hold our breath, and grit our teeth. When we recognize that sensation is what we are avoiding, the insight can lead to a greater understanding of the purpose of emotion

Emotion is the energy, the juice that brings our desires and dreams into manifestation. Emotion is required to make anything happen.
If you are experiencing heavy or challenging emotions, it can make it more difficult for you to make your life work. As you release heavy energies and old patterns, more space is made for new energy to move through your body and manifest in your life in more authentic ways of being.