Creating A Mindful Business

My Mindful Business Visioning program provides the necessary tools to become a more aware and purpose driven team, from the owner/creator to staff. The tools I share align each individual involved with the stated values of the endeavor, so each one can more positively do their job, serve their community and enrich their individual lives.

Mindfulness is a neutral state of mind, a choice to be aware in the present moment as you observe your thoughts and feelings. It is not a passive state of mind but rather a dynamic, active and richly rewarding state of awareness. In a business setting it can increase focus and creativity, resulting in a greater level of attention, engagement and personal responsibility.

My Creative Formula

First… We create a purpose statement – a word and feeling compass to keep you aligned with the direction of your vision for your creation. It could be a new business, a creative project, a book, an event, any creative endeavor that seeks to uplift and evolve consciousness.

Second… We create a list of values that describe the kind of energy experience you want your staff, you, and your customers to have when interacting with the services/experience you provide. Invest the creative energy from your heart supported by your most cherished values and the results will be a business with heart.

Third…. We brain storm and mind map your desires, your challenges, the problem you solve, the pain you address, and what motivates you and come up with words/images that contribute to the creation of your brand.

Fourth…. In this step, we identify your service and your contribution to your community and the world. This forms the basis for the energy imprint that helps you to make intentional choices everyday that decrease stress and energy drain and increase happiness, success and ease.

Fifth… You close your eyes, we dream together using your values, your feelings created in the above steps. I guide you into the deeper, intuitive part of you and invite images and feelings forward that point the direction to authentically making your vision a reality. Awake Dreaming it’s called, and it serves to tap into your imagination and your innate, creative well.

Here are a few more ideas we explore:

I look forward to co-creating together.