Work With Me

Clear your energy, discover your clarity, and manifest your purpose

Sometimes it’s not clear how emotional energy impacts our lives. The work I do helps you identify what you authentically desire in your life. I invite you to observe the quality of emotions you experience to determine if they support your heart’s desire or work against it.  With my background in Shamanic healing, I will help you translate the information within your emotional energy into simple, clear guidance that can help you make new choices for your complete well-being. I will help you bring forward more energy and power and awareness to detach from limiting patterns.

If certain emotions present obstacles to your happiness, I will guide you to see the origin of the emotional energy that created the obstacles and clear them to help you make new choices that will result in a more authentic expression. Once you know how your thoughts and your emotional energies are related, you can begin to bring awareness to them and make transformational shifts for your life.