Fortunate We Are

Fortunate we are to be experiencing a big wave of transformational energy moving through our personal lives, touching upon beliefs and stories around self-worth and self value. Trust that you have all the courage living in your heart that you need to break old habits of making yourself small and undeserving, as well as, all the wisdom to guide you through the uncharted territory into your brilliant breakthrough on the other side.
Our vow must be to love, honor, respect ourselves like never before, in every choice we make.

It’s more possible than ever to  emerge through the fires of any transformative period with a deeper sense of how it feels in the body to be self loving and to take new, very intentful actions each day to be awake to with how love feels….or conversely, how the absence of it it feels. Once love is embodied and we feel it at our center, choices will become much easier, as old patterns dissolve to create space for this new cycle of creativity.

If we can feel it, we can heal it and we have at our fingertips the actual  means to integrate that truth at a deeper level, thus transforming our entire relationship with emotion which is nothing less than the force that drives our creativity. Emotional energy is also the  super food for growing us into  awesome, alive, and authentic humans.

Imagine embracing all that you feel without self judgement or doubt, but with the understanding of how emotion rises naturally to the surface in order to be felt and met, as a vital step in moving closer to your desired state of being.

Once we declare we want more awareness, abundance, love, compassion, in our lives…or to simply be more vitally connected to our work or purpose ….we need to be prepared to meet the rise of emotions that are not of that of that same high quality we are inviting.

It’s so simple, our infinitely wise inner guidance system is just trying to clear and release the obstacles to our new desires so we can have what we asked for.

If we don’t judge or reject what we’re feeling but realize it is part of the process, then life has the ability to pass through us. After all, that’s all emotions are ever trying to do, is just pass through us. Can we let them go?

Fortunate we are when we respect and value the process of letting go of  layers of old energies. Now we can  live at a new level of self acceptance, gentleness and in the flow of Life’s intelligence that charges up our energy.

Fortunate we are when we choose to no longer withhold love from ourselves and at the same time give great respect to our feeling journey. We ride on forward momentum into our expanded life with less fear of the past repeating, and a wider, deeper, compassion for our earth walk.

Fortunate we are!