Conscious Entrepreneurs

Conscious Entrepreneurs

A Spiritual Pilgrimage & Retreat for the
Business-Minded & Open-Hearted Human

The Pyramids of Teotihuacan, Mexico
September 23-27, 2017
Facilitated by Rita Rivera Fox & Kevin Murray

If you could bring your greatest Love, Service and Passion for Life itself into the world of your workplace, how might that change things for you, for your team, your clients or customers and the world?

Thousands of years ago the ceremonial city of Teothihuacan was built to provide the spiritual traveler with deeper access to the heart, intuition, and inner wisdom. The purpose and intent of the program we create is to open up one’s spiritual eye’s to a clear view of the abundance and joy that is our birthright while tapping into the energy of this ancient sacred site.

What if you could find clarity about something in your life or business that has become an obstacle to your
freedom and enjoyment of life?

What if you could touch back into the high quality, creative energy, values and enthusiasm that you began your business with?

AND what if you could do this in 5 days?

Join us for an energy restoring, vision awakening, heart powered retreat of ritual and ceremony, insight and community. Re-vision the purpose of your business and your part in it and come away reinvigorated, charged up and restored, with fresh eyes and a full heart.


“The value of a business is measured by its ability to contribute to human happiness” – F Kofman


Journey Includes:

Cost: Single Room: $1,697 all inclusive. Bring a friend and share a room: add $1,297

Double room, we match you with a roommate: $1,497.

Payment plans available.
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Plus – 60 Days of follow-up calls to deepen and integrate the experience of Teo into your work and home
includes 2 Group Calls monthly, plus Facebook group page

Not included – Airfare to and from Mexico City


These calls will help you learn more about this journey while having an experience
of the clearer view of Life and Work that is available to you.

The follow- up calls after the journey, are designed to integrate the new learning and high quality energy.

These interactive and informative calls will assist you to:

… and here’s Kevin!

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