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Inside Out

My 4-year-old granddaughter loves the movie “Inside Out”. As you can imagine, I’ve seen it many times. I suspect she doesn’t really understand the nuances of the film. Although it’s a realistic depiction of emotions and how they can control us, she mostly delights in the colors and the animated characters. She has even adopted a line […]


Fortunate We Are

Fortunate we are to be experiencing a big wave of transformational energy moving through our personal lives, touching upon beliefs and stories around self-worth and self value. Trust that you have all the courage living in your heart that you need to break old habits of making yourself small and undeserving, as well as, all the […]


The Leap of Faith

  Ed and I have just completed a lightening quick and intense house move. We saw the opportunity and we leapt much to our surprise. After some crazy, super human feats of moving matter, I now find myself in a new home,  a more spacious and uplifting space where light and energy support all we are creating. Grateful we […]


Firing Up Your Ability to Respond

Do you get defensive and flare up when your willingness to be more accountable is questioned? Have you noticed that it’s time to consider new responses to life challenges in order to make your dreams, desires and intent a reality in this New Year? One of the gifts of growing awareness is waking up to […]