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Struggling? There is Another Choice

  What is the opposite of struggle? And why this is an important question? Many of you engage with the energy of struggle to overcome an uncomfortable situation or to get what you want. It’s an automatic response and it’s familiar. You probably don’t like the way it feels but you still engage with it […]


The Power of Gratitude

“We’re not grateful because we are happy, we are happy because we are grateful.” So often in our relationships we have a tendency to focus on what “isn’t happening”…or the “if only’s”…. or “what we wish were different.” When our point of view is skewed like this, we experience heavy feelings in the body and suddenly […]


2014 – A New Beginning

Welcome to another new and exciting beginning as we step into 2014. As I contemplate the possibilities, it seems a perfect time to re-ignite our powerful tools of creation and manifestation once again…thoughts, desires and actions, with even more awareness and intent. Here are a few of the “hits” I’ve been getting about the opportunities […]


Emotional First Aid

You know when you fall, scrape a knee, an elbow, or burn yourself while cooking? What ‘s the first thing you do? You hold on tight, scream out,  “Ouch”  Then you reach for your First Aid Kit! Well, how would it be if you had access to a personal Emotional First Aid Kit.   An […]


Feeling Insecure?

Are you feeling insecure? I have a remedy – get connected, allow me to explain: While sitting with one of my clients the other day, she was sharing how she was becoming aware of how her insecurities were hurting her relationship.  I reminded her that insecurity is created by a story in her mind, a […]