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The Joy of Being Enough

  Can you trust that you are enough just the way you are? Enough to give yourself the gift of your own care and respect? Can you also trust that the desire that comes from your heart and the action taken to support that dream is what matters most in your quest for your happiest, […]


Your Essential Connection

  We are constantly seeking connection with others, and with our environment, but the quality of that connection begins with strengthening the inner connection with the truest part of our being first. The inner connection you establish with yourself becomes the source of your happiness, wellness, compassion and love. Without this essential connection, you unknowingly […]


Living Your Purpose

Here we are, well into the second month of this amazing, life altering year and new cycle. I have noticed and others that I’ve spoken with, concur that we have stepped through a doorway where our authenticity is now a grounded way of being in the world. This state feels real, tangible and very exhilarating. […]


The One You Desire To BE

Growing into your fullest, most authentic self… into the One that you most desire to BE, is a worthy life-long pursuit and underlies the commitment of being on a Spiritual path. You are a work in progress and hold the key to your forward movement toward your greatest potential. It already resides inside of you. […]


Trust Yourself! Trust Life!

Today more than ever, as we feel the shifts that are happening in our lives, it is important to choose to align our awareness with the biggest source of energy there is, life! Life is what we are. Life is what we share with each other. Life is the easiest way to name what it […]