The Art of Seeing

The Art of Seeing

An Awake Dreaming Program

“We are in a time when it is more important than ever to be conscious dreamers. The reality is that we are the dreamers, we are the dream and we are dreaming the dream as much as it is dreaming us.”

Seeing is the ability to tap into the power of your inner sight, to harness your creative and expansive energy

The Art of Seeing is the gateway to the practice of Awake Dreaming, a practice based on the ancient Toltec Dreaming Mastery.
Everyday you experience the mirror that is your mind as it reflects back to you all that you think and believe. Your thoughts and beliefs show up in your relationships, your work, and in all you create.

Imagine being able to observe your thoughts and the corresponding emotional reactions that might be creating obstacles to your happiness. With this awareness, you can direct your vast, creative potential with more clarity and build your life from a more expanded and authentic place.

The world does not create what you experience, you do. And if you are having an unsatisfactory experience, you have the power to dream a better one. The Art of Seeing helps you become a neutral witness that increases your ability to respond to what life brings.

Your mind is so powerful; it can create peace and joy or anxiety and fear.
In Awake Dreaming you can find the mental images and the emotional counterparts that keep you from experiencing your personal freedom and gain the insight and energy to transform them.

What is it that you most yearn to experience in this lifetime?


I developed the Awake Dreaming program from my experience of teaching Life Mastery Dreaming for more than 10 years. I designed a stream-lined process for my clients and students to experience the state of expanded and increased awareness that this work results in. It is a proven process that allows you to become fully awake to your powerful dreaming mind and connected to the heart of your divine nature. This is the definition of personal freedom.

Imagine having the tools and practices to reclaim your own attention, to create your life beyond what you thought was previously possible?



The Art of Seeing Dreaming Program Empowers You To:

Please contact me for more info on these upcoming Art of Seeing Programs

The Art of Seeing Colorado Rockies Retreat.
May, 2016.

The Art of Seeing Virtual Circle Teleclass
New class begins Sept, 2015.

“When you connect with your ability to breakthrough old identities and distracting habits, you find within the true source of all your creative, and spiritual energy plus the power to bring your life dream into reality.”