Awake Dreaming

We are dreaming, you and me and everyone else. We have collectively dreamed up this world and don’t realize our power, one individual at a time, to change it.

The change I’m speaking of is the power of being awake and being at choice. In other words, with all this intensity in and around us, our work, more important than ever, is an inside job!

We agreed to be a part of this crazy, tumultuous, evolutionary time. All the outer forces that perplex and confuse simply serve as the catalyst to turn us into beings of compassion and truth.

Thinking about evolutionary change can boggle and depersonalize. So I offer another way to look at it:

It is our thoughts, our actions, our seemingly insignificant daily activities that the process of evolution is made of. It’s not some big grand event that science can verify or a destination; rather it is the quality of THIS moment and the complete realization of your power to choose how you will experience it.

Heaven on Earth is now, the evolved, divine human is now. The harmony, and security we seek is now. Happiness is now…all possible in a mere nano- second of our perception when we are grounded in our awareness.

Taking complete responsibility for how we perceive everything; our story, or the seemingly simple act of interpretation we make about anything, is the main ingredient in charge of our evolution. Our minds and the thoughts within them are the filters we dream our lives through. So, an important question to ask is, who’s in charge of our mind?

In any spiritual practice, it’s the mind that is being evolved. It’s a gradual, intentful development of our higher selves, our integrity, our capacity to experience peace and kindness within that will ultimately contribute to the evolution of all human kind.

And so, the task at hand is our continued contribution to the dance of evolution by taking personal responsibility for how we dream ourselves into existence in each breathe, in each moment! We have that ability.